“Santur, harp, and tabla as you've never heard them before.” 

Amir Amiri on santur, Sarah Pagé on harp, and Shawn Mativetsky on tabla form the trio MATIVETSKY AMIRI & PAGE, tasked with developing a new form of chamber music that is reflective of today's global society, uniting a myriad of traditions and practices. Musical adventurers, explorers, innovators, virtuosi, their collective creations combine tradition and modernity, emotion and spontaneity; a dynamic coming together of santur, harp, and tabla unlike anything you've heard before.


The trio: David Gossage, Kate Bevan-Baker and Sarah Pagé have individually toured Canada and beyond in their own ensembles including The Barr Brothers, Lhasa deSela, Orealis, Esmerine, and Land of Kush, as well as performing with the likes of Hey Rosetta!, and Kid Koala.  

When the three virtuosic players first combined on stage in 2015, bringing their diverse influences of classical, jazz, African, and Indian music together with a love and appreciation for Irish and Scottish Celtic music and English and Appalachian folk songs, it resulted in a unique and innovative take on what was once old.  

Bùmarang’s Echo Land, the debut album of the Montreal-based Celtic trio alludes to a reflection, a return and a resolution to find answers in the past.  Echo Land is an epic journey that flows over the realms of Celtic music, travelling the ages and back again. Bùmarang have shared loves: born, lost, regretted and celebrated, and brought us out of mists of uncertainty to a clarity of our place within this time. They’ve succeeded in making new what is old, and nourish our souls with their entirely modern celebration of tradition.